Zendaya and Jennifer Lopez stun on Met Gala red carpet

It’s invitation-only (Anna Wintour vets the guest list) and costs at least $70,000 a ticket, so most of us mere mortals will never know what really happens inside the Met Gala.

Once guests have finished on the red carpet and walked up the famous Met staircase, there’s no reporters and a no phone policy – although celebrities don’t seem to mind breaking the rules for a bathroom selfie.

We do know there’s an exhibit, musical performances and an elaborate dinner with about 600 attendees seated at carefully planned tables that tend to be organised around the big fashion houses.

And the atmosphere inside? Well, that’s ultra-secretive.

But we do have a (perhaps slightly skewed for comedy) perspective from Tina Fey.

The 30 Rock star told David Lettermen in 2015 that her one and only Met Gala was a “jerk parade” and added “if you had a million arms and all the people you would punch in the whole world, they’re all there”.


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