Usyk v Fury – title fight predictions

Viddal Riley explains how Fury and Usyk’s undisputed heavyweight fight was made.

16 May 2024

Briton Tyson Fury bids to become the first undisputed heavyweight champion in 24 years when he takes on Oleksandr Usyk on Saturday in Saudi Arabia.

The WBC champion faces 37-year-old Ukrainian Usyk, who holds the WBO, WBA, IBF and Ring magazine titles.

Fury, 35, is undefeated in 35 fights with one draw, while Usyk has 21 wins from 21 bouts.

The winner will surely proclaim themselves the greatest heavyweight of this era, while Usyk is aiming to become a two-weight undisputed champion after achieving the same feat at cruiserweight.

Will Fury claim the ultimate prize in boxing or will Usyk go down as one of the greatest fighters in history?

BBC Sport has asked the world of boxing and beyond for their predictions. Cast your vote below. Voting closes at 14:00.

Last undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis: “I think Tyson Fury should win it by points.”

Former world champion and Usyk opponent Tony Bellew: “Usyk wins on points. If the judges read the fight properly and judge it properly, I can see it being a unanimous decision. The only way I see it getting close is if we have incompetent judging.”

Two-time UFC champion Conor McGregor: “Usyk is a crafty, crafty boxer. If anybody can do it, maybe Usyk can do it. Tyson is also a crafty boxer, plus he has the size. Tyson is a tough man to beat in the boxing arena.”

Former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield: “It can go either way. It all depends if Usyk fights the right fight.”

Ex-England and Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand: “Usyk. It’s an unbelievable fight.”

Retired world champion and promoter Oscar de la Hoya: “Tyson Fury is the bigger version of Usyk. He has speed. He has power. He’s very versatile. I have to go with Tyson.”

Flyweight Maisey Rose Courteney: “My heart is leaning towards Usyk because all the old-school heavyweight champions that everyone looks up to are Usyk’s built – around 13 or 14 stone – but we just have the giants nowadays, like Fury and Joshua.

“The movement from Usyk alone will mean he can get out of the traps that Fury sets up. Fury throws one or two shots and holds but never multiple combinations. He’s a good mover but not as nimble and fast Usyk. Usyk will be able to outbox and outmanoeuvre him.”

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Lightweight world champion Rhiannon Dixon: “I have a lot of love for Usyk because he’s a southpaw. I’m obsessed with southpaws because I am one. But, with the whole low blow controversial shot in the Daniel Dubois fight, I think Fury wins. It is the way he has handled fights in the past, and he’s just very big. Fury will win on points. I don’t think Usyk gets knocked out.”

Former world champion and boxing coach Anthony Crolla: “I’ve always said a fit and focused Tyson Fury is the best heavyweight on the planet. I still believe that. I don’t think he was fit or focussd last time.

“Up against Usyk, he’s fighting a future Hall of Famer – someone with an incredible fight IQ. Size will come into it. If you had asked me before the Francis Ngannou fight, I would have said Tyson Fury very confidently. Now I don’t see it with half as much confidence.

“However, I am going to back Tyson. He looks a lot better physically. Tyson Fury wins with a late stoppage or on points. I’m probably leaning towards points.”

Super-flyweight Shannon Ryan: “Usyk will win on points. I don’t think there will be a knockout but we’ll see another level to Usyk this time.”

Heavyweight Frazer Clarke: “I’m going Usyk. After the cut to Fury, it’s going to hinder his camp and his preparation. With Usyk’s style, speed and the cut above Fury’s eye, it’s a big target and Usyk will look to exploit that. The fight will see the final bell. The cut opens up and Usyk wins by decision after picking up the early rounds.”

Middleweight fighter Hamzah Sheeraz: “Fury will take a close points decision. To beat Usyk you need to do what he does but do it better than him. The big man does that.”

Boxer and Tyson’s brother Tommy Fury: “Tyson wins by a late stoppage – rounds nine to 12. Tyson will get him out of there.”

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Heavyweight Fabio Wardley: “It’s a really hard one because I’ve been on the fence. I’ve bounced back and forth for a long time with it. At the moment I’m edging towards Usyk. He’s in the right mind frame and just really wants to fight. He’ll put out all the stops on the night. I just find him to be very difficult fighter to bet against because he always just seems to find a way to win, to be smart enough, to be crafty enough in the ring.”

Former heavyweight David Price: “Fury’s back is against the wall after the Ngannou performance and it will work in his favour. It might be a scrappy fight at times but Fury will box at a pace for 12 rounds, using his height and weight and win on points.”

Former world champion Hannah Rankin: “Fury has always struggled with southpaws. With Usyk’s skillset, at first I was going to go for him. But as I’ve thought more about it, Fury’s going to be too big for him. If Fury can target the body, it could be Usyk’s undoing. I’m going to go Fury on points.”

Featherweight Raven Chapman: “Fury will outbox Uysk, keeping him long by using his size and reach advantage. Fury will win on points.”

Daniel Dubois’ coach Don Charles: “I’m not writing Usyk off by any means. He’s an exceptional southpaw whose record speaks for itself. But size matters and Tyson is an exceptional boxer, a fighter who is big. A good big’un will beat a good littl’un. I am going with the Gypsy King on points.”

Heavyweight and former Fury opponent Otto Wallin: “Fury is really awkward. He has a good job and can feint a lot. If he brings all of those things, he will beat Usyk. But Usyk is a terrific fighter, so anything can happen.”

Former two-weight world champion Carl Frampton: “I’m tipping Fury. I strongly favoured Fury up until both guys’ last performances. I still favour him but I’m not as confident as I was. But a Fury as close to his very best – a 90% Fury – should be enough to win the fight. I do love Usyk, though. It’s an incredible fight. But Fury’s size and everything else in his armoury might be a step too far.”

Former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis gives advice to Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury.

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