UK inflation falls to 2.3%, lowest level in almost three years

Apprentice contestant Phil Turner and his wife Theresa have been feeling the pinch of inflation and the cost of living over the past three years.

“I think it’s affected us just like it’s really affected everyone. I think for us the big hit was the interest rates going up, the cost of food and the cost of electricity.

“It just sort of eats into any disposable income that you do have and you find yourself having to penny pinch all the time,” Phil tells the BBC.

The couple have two children and are best known for their Turner’s Pies business, which is a family-run bakery located in West Sussex.

Theresa says turning off the lights, making packed lunches, having meal plans and avoiding takeaways has helped them cut costs.

“With all the prices getting pushed up so much you just lose them little extra luxuries.

“So maybe on the weekend you might have had a little takeaway, we find ourselves having to cook,” Phil adds.

They both feel like “the pressure is starting to ease a little bit” now, but Theresa says she doesn’t hold “too much hope” that inflation will ease quickly.


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