Tory plan to cut immigration and Lib Dem social care pledge

They’ve been part and parcel of US politics for decades but voters in the UK had to wait until 2010 for the first TV election debates.

And when Sunak and Starmer face each other at nine o’clock tonight it will only be the third time a prime minister and leader of the opposition have gone head to head in this way.

The two men will debate each other in front of a live audience and the programme will be moderated by ITV presenter Julie Etchingham.

The debate presents both an opportunity and a risk. It’s a chance to reach millions of people but any sort of gaffe could end up being replayed for years.

But will tonight change anyone’s mind? Research from the Harvard Business School last year suggested that presidential or prime ministerial tv debates didn’t play “any significant role in shaping voters’ choice of candidate”.


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