Tory MP calls government ‘incompetent’ as she defects to Labour at PMQs

Earlier in PMQs, Rishi Sunak said the government had “overseen a significant fall… in child poverty since 2010”.

Under one measure – called absolute poverty – there are fewer children in poverty compared with 2010.

This measure looks at how many families’ incomes are below a fixed standard of living – roughly 40% below the average standard of living in 2011.

It stood at 28% in 2010, fell to 23% by 2021, but is on the rise and stands at 25% now.

There is another measure of poverty – relative poverty – which looks at how many families’ incomes are 40% below today’s average standard of living.

On this measure, 30% of children are living in poor households now, slightly up on the 29% back in 2010.


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