Tories unveil GPs plan as Labour makes migration pledge

The SNP leader John Swinney will formally launch the party’s general election campaign at a rally in Glasgow today.

He’ll be reiterating the SNP’s core message: a vote for them is a vote to “put Scotland’s interests first”.

John Swinney will be seeking to contrast the Conservative’s legacy in Westminster with a “better future” in the form of independence.

But he’ll also give a nod to those for whom independence isn’t a priority right now, with issues such as the cost of living and the NHS dominating the campaigns of his opponents.

“In the few weeks I have been First Minister, I have been crystal clear that I am focusing on the people’s top concerns,” he’ll insist.

He’ll also point to “Westminster cuts” as being responsible for Scotland having less money to spend on the NHS. Last week new figures showed NHS Scotland waiting lists are at a record high.


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