Sunak warns of ‘dangerous, transformational’ years in London speech

Rishi Sunak will make a pre-election pitch to voters later this morning, where he is expected to warn that the UK “stands at a crossroads” ahead of “some of the most dangerous years”.

The prime minister is seeking to portray himself as the best person to deal with the challenges after the general election, which is expected to be called before the end of the year.

He will say he has “bold ideas” that can “create a more secure future” for Britons and restore their “confidence and pride in our country”.

“I feel a profound sense of urgency because more will change in the next five years than in the last 30,” he has said.

Sunak will vow to safeguard the UK against threats of war, a global rise in immigration and “those seeking to undermine our shared values and identities”.

And he will pledge to capitalise on opportunities presented by technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in an effort to keep the country’s economy growing.

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