Stormy Daniels clashes with Trump lawyer over sex claim and cash

Eventually, despite the NDA, we all know Stormy Daniels’
allegations came out in 2018. Susan Necheles argues that Daniels sought to benefit
from all the publicity.

Daniels’ then-lawyer Michael Avenatti arranged an
interview with journalist Anderson Cooper on the show 60 Minutes.

Daniels tells the court she was not paid for that interview.

Susan Necheles asks if the interview got her lots of publicity. Daniels says yes, but it was “bad” publicity.

“You knew getting a lot of free publicity for your story
would allow you to make more money?” Necheles asks.

Daniels responds that
she was unprepared for just now much attention it would generate.

Necheles also brings up her lucrative book deal, for which
Daniels was paid an advance worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But as we’ve already reported, Daniels did not see much of that money because Avenatti stole it.


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