Second half of general election campaign kicks off

Labour folk have been going out of their way to make a
virtue out of the lack of surprises.

The 133-page, 23,000-word manifesto does not contain any policy that had not been announced already.

Solid stability is not necessarily rocket fuel for the soul
of those seeking a party to enthuse about, rather than plump for on polling

It has led Labour’s critics to say the party is being vague,
even boring.

But Keir Starmer reckons people are fed up of fireworks and
political circus.

He wants to make the boring interesting again, or at least
appealing compared to its alternative.

This reflects his character, his seriousness of purpose, his
disdain for politics’ penchant for theatricality.

But it is also a caution borne of an almighty opinion poll
lead and a judgement that promising the moon on a stick isn’t affordable nor

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