Riot police move in on Georgia parliament protesters

Our South Caucasus Correspondent Rayhan Demytrie is currently live in Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, and speaks to the BBC from among protestors a little way away from the main street outside Georgia’s parliament.

She describes “large numbers” of riot police just having cleared the street of protestors with the water canon machine behind them – but says the protestors in their raincoats are “standing their ground”.

“They believe they are standing here for Georgia’s European future.”

It follows the Georgian parliament passing a law on the transparency of foreign funding.

“It’s seen by opponents of this law as a Russian law, they are saying it’s a Russian-style law designed to stifle dissent, to silence the critical voices in this country,” she says.

“Going back to 1980s, in 1989 in this very street young Georgians were killed by Russian troops as they stood up for their independence.

“They believe they can’t give up now after all these years having this dream of joining the EU, breaking away from Russia.”


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