Offensive remarks by several Reform candidates revealed

Reform candidates’ offensive remarks seen by BBC

17 minutes ago

By Laura Kuenssberg, @bbclaurakPresenter of Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg


Eight Reform UK candidates have made a wide range of offensive remarks online about women in the past, the BBC can reveal.

The remarks include disparaging comments about the murdered MP Jo Cox, former Prime Minister Theresa May, and a black reality TV contestant.

The comments were posted between 2011 and 2023.

Reform UK and the candidates involved have all been approached for comment.

Earlier this week, the party said it planned to sue a company it hired to vet potential MPs.

Among the candidates whose comments the BBC has uncovered is Emmett Jenner, the candidate for Ynys Mon, who shared a post from Conservative Party Headquarters which read: “PM: I want girls who are growing up today to know that they can achieve anything they want.”

Mr Jenner commented on the post: “Like fertilising eggs & providing Y chromosomes.”

In response to a request for comment, Mr Jenner told the BBC: “That is/was a parody account and you can see it is taking the Michael out of the Conservatives.

“I wouldn’t take anything on there at face value, it’s all deliberately provocative windups meant to elicit embarrassing responses.”

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