King to visit cancer centre in first engagement since diagnosis

Back in February, Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles had been diagnosed with cancer, saying it was discovered during treatment for an enlarged prostate.

It was not revealed what type of cancer he has, but we were told that it’s not prostate cancer. We were also told that he would step back from some of his duties – and any public-facing ones would be picked up by his so-called Counsellors of State (royals who can stand in for the King at official engagements).

Those consist of the King’s wife, Queen Camilla, his son, the Prince of Wales, in addition to his siblings Princess Anne and Prince Edward.

He’s been receiving treatment for his cancer and on Friday a statement from the Palace said his medical team was “sufficiently pleased with the progress made so far”, meaning he could “resume a number of public-facing duties”.

“It is too early to say” for how much longer his treatment will continue, the palace said, adding that the King was “greatly encouraged” to be going back to more public events.


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