Influencer Harry Jowsey diagnosed with skin cancer

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By Andre Rhoden-Paul
BBC News

TV personality Harry Jowsey has urged people to “please wear sunscreen” after being diagnosed with skin cancer.

The 26-year-old, who previously appeared on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, said it was on his shoulder for a year or two but he “had no idea”.

“I just want to save and protect one of you guys out there,” he told his five million followers on TikTok.

The Australian-born influencer added that he was “going to be all good”.

In his post he said: “There isn’t really an easy way to say this, but last week I went to a dermatologist to get me skin checked and they found some skin cancer on me.

“I’m going to be all good, everything’s going to be ok.”

The Australian-born influencer said he was making his diagnosis public to urge his followers to wear sunscreen with summer approaching.

“If you’re a freckly little frog like me, go get a mole map and get your body checked, because you never know,” he said.

“I had this on my shoulder for like a year or two, I had no idea…

“Go get your skin checked, wear your sunscreen and a be a little bit more responsible because that’s what I’ve got to do now, and it’s very scary.”

US-based Jowsey did not say what type of skin cancer he has or what treatment he would receive.

Jowsey found fame in Netflix reality dating show Too Hot To Handle in 2020, before appearing in US show Dancing With The Stars in 2023.

The podcast host has built up a following of nine million followers across Instagram and TikTok.

The Australian competed in ABC’s Dancing With The Stars last year

What to look for

Common signs of melanoma to check for include:

a new abnormal molean existing mole that seems to be growing or changinga change to a previous patch of normal skin

Change in appearance of a mole, as in these four pictures, can be a sign of melanoma

The ABCDE checklist can help identify if a mole is abnormal:

A – asymmetrical (does the mole have an uneven shape?)

B – border (are the edges blurry or jagged?)

C – colour (is it an uneven colour with different shades and tones?)

D – diameter (is the mole bigger than your other ones?)

E – evolving (is it changing, such as starting to itch, bleed or become crusty?)

These changes will not always be cancer, but it is important to get checked.

The earlier a melanoma is picked up, the easier it is to treat and the more likely treatment is to be successful.

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