Humza Yousaf says ending power-sharing deal was right thing to do

Kate Forbes has told the BBC Scotland editor James Cook that she is “weighing up” whether to run for the SNP leadership.

She says that has had a lot of messages of support but that her “priority is to identify what is right for the country, the party and her family.”

She said it was important to listen to party members and the public.

Forbes says: “Think about the last few years – cost of living crisis, recovery from covid, challenges across our public sector because of limited financing from the UK government – that requires a party to be nimble.”

She says that there is a need for the next leader to have a “big, broad vision” to inspire the whole country.

An ally of Kate Forbes has also told the BBC that she and her team are lining up a campaign in case she decides to stand.

Her supporters say not to expect an announcement today as it has only been 48 hours since Humza Yousaf announced his resignation.


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