Ed Davey to face questions as parties lay out plans on cancer

Before we get into this morning’s political interviews, let’s have a look at the latest pledges and promises from the parties trying to win voters over with their pitches.

Labour is turning its focus to its plan to diagnose and treat cancers quicker – saying the plan will get the NHS meeting its cancer targets by the end of a first term in government.

After Sir Keir Starmer ruled out raising capital gains tax on people’s main homes if his party wins the election, the Conservatives today are challenging Labour to “rule out other new taxes on peoples’ homes”.

The Liberal Democrats are presenting a £1bn plan which they say would cut cancer treatment waiting times with a major expansion of radiotherapy treatment, as part of their pledge that patients who have been urgently referred can start cancer treatment within 62 days.

The SNP’s John Swinney says its party’s Westminster election manifesto – due to be unveiled next week – will offer “hope against Westminster despair”.

Away from campaigning, Rishi Sunak is among several leaders at a two-day summit in Switzerland to discuss ending the war in Ukraine.


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