Body found in search for presenter Michael Mosley

Dr Michael Mosley is a presenter on British TV and radio.

He is known for appearances on BBC One’s The One Show and ITV’s This Morning.

Mosley has been a fixture on the airwaves for almost two decades, known for his engaging and likeable style in shows that delve into diet, exercise and medicine.

He has had a number of successful television series like Trust Me I’m a Doctor, The Truth about Exercise and Lose a Stone in 21 Days.

He is also well-known for popularising diets which focus on intermittent fasting and low-carbohydrate meals.

His BBC Radio 4 series ‘Just One Thing’ has attracted 25 million listeners around the world, and a TV version was announced earlier this year.

Mosley was born in India in 1957, moving to England at the age of seven to attend boarding school.

He began his adult life as an investment banker after studying PPE (philosophy, politics and economics) at Oxford University.

He retrained as a doctor at the Royal Free Hospital in London, but then joined the BBC as an assistant producer in 1985.

He then became a producer of science shows like Tomorrow’s World, QED and Horizon.

He later moved in front of the camera, becoming a household name thanks to programmes like BBC One’s Make Me… in 2009.

He also gained popularity for pulling stunts such as injecting snake venom into his own blood and eating tapeworms to see what impact they have on the body.

Mosley qualified as a doctor but is no longer registered as a medical doctor.

He is married to Clare Bailey, a GP and author, and has four children, Kate, Dan, Alex and Jack.


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