Biden announces executive action to curb migrant crossings

The White House is already bracing for legal challenges to these new US immigration executive actions.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the announcement, senior administration officials said they fully expect to face legal challenges from both ends of the political spectrum.

The challenges are likely to come from both immigration advocates and Republican-led states that are highly critical of President Joe Biden’s handling of the southern border.

Already, the American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU, has announced plans to challenge the new policies in court.

In a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, the ACLU said it believes the new executive actions “severely restrict people’s legal right to seek asylum, putting tens of thousands of lives at risk”.

“This action takes the same approach as the Trump administration’s asylum ban. We will be challenging this order in court.”

Connecticut Democratic Senator Chis Murphy was quoted by Straight Arrow News as saying he is unsure if the executive actions will survive legal challenges.

“I have been pretty doubtful from the beginning that the President has the legal authority to make the big changes at the border necessary to get the border under control,” he was quoted as saying.


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