17 of the most eye-catching looks from the Met Gala

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Left to right: Teyana Taylor, Jordan Roth and Jessica Serfaty Michel
By Steven McIntosh
Entertainment reporter

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

This year’s Met Gala theme would not have impressed The Devil Wears Prada’s demon magazine editor Miranda Priestly, but it hasn’t stopped a string of stars from walking the red carpet in their garden-inspired garments.

A-listers were invited to be imaginative with the 2024 dress code, The Garden of Time, inspired by a short story of the same name by JG Ballard.

Some stars took it quite literally, taking inspiration from flowers, petals and leaves, while others played around with the short story’s themes of time and history.

Here are some of the most eye-catching outfits so far.

1. Lea Michelle was in full bloom

A glowing Lea Michelle walked the carpet wearing a Rodarte aqua gown with a tulle cape, two months after announcing she was pregnant for the second time.

The Glee star and her husband Zandy Reich, who have a three-year-old son, Ever Leo, said they were “overjoyed” to be expecting again.

2. Levy and Edebiri split themselves in two

The Bear actress Ayo Edebiri and Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy both opted to keep their floral designs on the down low, with outfits that looked traditional from the top but bloomed from the waist down.

Edebiri wore a backless column dress with a hand-embroidered floral pattern intended to create the illusion of blossoming.

Similarly, Levy wore what looked like a classic suit from the top half, but which faded a into bright floral motif lower down.

3. Demi Moore is ready for a spot of archery

We’ve got to hand it to her, Demi Moore had one of the best looks of the night, even if she forgot to bring the bow to go with her arrows.

The actress’s velvet dress, designed by Harris Reed, was adorned with huge pink peonies made from wallpaper (seriously).

Reed said the dress took more than 5,000 hours to make, adding that it was designed so the flowers would appear to decay as they got further down the dress.

Did Bad Bunny look as if he had yanked his suit jacket out of the sewing machine before the tailor had actually finished making it? Yes. But he still looked great.

The rapper and singer wore a Renaissance-inspired custom Maison Margiela suit – in navy blue but with white threading which resembled pinstripes.

He carried a floral bouquet made from the same material as his jacket, intended to resemble Flor de Maga, the national flower of Puerto Rico; roses, a symbol of beauty and purity; and the flax plant, which Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on in the famed fairy tale.

5. Seyfried went silver

A large roll of non-stick tinfoil couldn’t hold a candle to Mamma Mia actress Amanda Seyfried, who wore a shiny metallic gown featuring flower appliques.

But as eye-catching as the Elizabeth Stewart dress was, all eyes were on Seyfried’s matching platinum hair and gemstone headpiece, which resembled leaves on a vine.

6. Gwendoline Christie went theatrical

The Game of Thrones star looked as if she had come straight from appearing as the evil queen in a fairytale.

Wearing a striking red dress with a black sheer striped cape designed Maison Margiela, Christie is surely firmly on the radar for Tim Burton’s next movie.

7. Gigi Hadid wore yellow roses

Gigi Hadid is no stranger to the Met Gala – in fact, the event arguably isn’t complete without her.

This year, the model wore a flowing white Thom Browne gown, with an eye-catching pattern of yellow roses.

8. Rebecca Ferguson was feeling peckish

Why dress to look like flowers and trees, when you could pay tribute to the birds who fly among them?

When actress Rebecca Ferguson first appeared at the Met Gala, she was draped in a plain black cloak.

But the star later opened it up to reveal a beautiful Thom Browne gown decorated with black ravens – a memorable look for her first Met.

9. Josh O’Connor’s shoes stole the show

Not that the rest of his outfit isn’t lovely, but we simply have to zoom in on Josh O’Connor’s shoes.

The Crown star wore custom Loewe with an avant-garde tail train, but it was his shoes, accented with floral motifs, which really stole the show.

10. Zendaya was feeling blue

The actress, who recently starred in Dune 2 and Challengers, is one of the co-chairs of this year’s Met Gala.

Wearing a John Galliano creation based on a 1999 Dior dress, Zendaya was striking in a royal blue and emerald green dress, with embellishments which looked as if they were inspired by fruit trees.

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